About us


Saskatoon Triathlon Club – A fun and active multisport community.


Saskatoon Triathlon Club strives to offer accessible multisport training and quality events for all ages and skill levels.


People Focused Community: We prioritize people and connection.
Acceptance of all Strengths: We acknowledge everyone’s contributions.
Encouragement: We celebrate our victories.
Integrity: We commit to honesty, respect, and fair play.

Executive Members

Rory Gowda-Sookochoff


How did you become involved with STCI?
Hello everyone, I’m Rory, and here is a photo of me, thrilled, post swimming workout and so stoked about the flyers I made! I got involved in triathlon through my dear friend and training partner, Leanne. Although I was extremely hesitant and nervous in the beginning, this dissolved upon realizing this is one of the kindest, supportive, and encouraging communities I’ve come across yet. The motto is that you are good, fast, and fit enough, exactly as you are.
What is your favourite part of a triathlon?
How does one pick between the best things in life?! Swimming, biking, running, friendships and community? All of it! 🙂 

Mike Rogers


How did you become involved with STCI?
I was welcomed into the community by coach Lacey when I needed some help preparing for the Frank Dunn Triathlon. She was kind enough to take me under her wing from a beginner level swimmer to swimming the Frank Dunn with confidence in 6 short weeks. 
What is your favourite part of a triathlon?
Definitely has to be the community first, the smiles, high fives, encouragement and support all around. Also the volunteers all along the way, willing to give their time to support us athletes with words of encouragement and a smile. And of course some snacks and hydration.

Board Members

Nathan Evans

Outgoing President

How did you become involved with STCI?
I started out in the swim program so I could learn how to not drown while competing in my first triathlon. From there I competed in a few duathlons and a few more swim sessions. I really enjoy the comradery within the club. The people are amazing! I joined the board to give back to the club and had my arm twisted to volunteer for the Co-President position. I am exited to continue moving the club forward and grow this great sport in our community.
What is your favourite part of a triathlon?
This changes almost weekly. Now that I can swim (sort of), I really enjoy it. I also enjoy a long bike ride if the wind is not too bad (good luck in Saskatchewan). More often than not, my favourite is the run. I love to run. I also like to carbo-load!

Leanne Kadyschuk


How did you become involved with STCI?

Just Tri-It (JTI) was where my wild road of life collided with STCI. Awesome women supporting and challenging each other to get out there and embrace the powerfulness of our bodies. Since then I have participated in triathlon events, become more committed than ever to my own health and fitness, invited friends and colleagues into this magical sport and joined the board. Gosh, I am grateful for STCI.

What is your favourite part of a triathlon?
Hmmm. I would have to say it is the energizing momentum of how the three sports mutually support each other. They invite a strong commitment to being an active human, eating well, drinking water…and all the good stuff! I love the early morning sunrises and long extending combos where I climb into bed and feel like the happiest, strongest version of myself ever. If you’re on the fence about coming out for a program or event, from the bottom of my humble little heart, do it! There will be no looking back!!!

Mike Jones


How did you become involved with STCI?
I did my first KOS triathlon in 1990 after watching Mark Allen and Dave Scott go head-to-head on Kona.  Completed my Bucket List Ironman for my 40th birthday back in 2018 in Wisconsin.  I joined the board this year to pay it forward for all the support the tri community has provided me.  
What is your favourite part of a triathlon?

I’m currently working on turning my swimming from a weakness into a strength, and enjoying the camaraderie of the Sunday swims.  Looking forward to a fun race season!

Nicole Shoaf

Mentor/Member at large

How did you become involved with STCI?
A work colleague was the swim coach of the Just Tri-It program and she encouraged me to join in the spring of 2015. It was a rough start but the group encouragement really helped me pull through. I grew to love all three sports and soon participated at longer events – but what I really discovered was a love of organizing triathlon events!  
What is your favourite part of a triathlon?

For me it’s the Just Tri-It program. I’m so fortunate to be able to work with amazing volunteers who help bring a safe atmosphere for women to join triathlon, to push and to succeed. Even better is that those women take a new sense of accomplishment and volunteerism back into their personal lives and the wider Saskatoon community. 

Editor’s note: Nicole functions as the mentor to the rest of the board, because she has all the answers to the questions we have from her years of experience. Below is her triathlon history just to demonstrate where she gained her knowledge.

  • Just Tri-It Program Director (2020 to present)

  • Honorary Lifetime Member of Saskatoon Triathlon Club (2021) – Awarded for leadership in sport access and community building.

  • YWCA Woman of Distinction in Health & Athletics (Winner, 2020) – Recognizes exceptional contributions in health or athletics, improving the physical, emotional, social, or spiritual health and wellbeing of the community through work, sport or recreation programs, and providing leadership for positive change in our community.

  • Triathlon Saskatchewan Builder of the Year (2019) – Awarded for leadership and sport building at a provincial level.         

  • Triathlon Saskatchewan Director (2016-2019)

  • Technical Official (2018-present)

  • Saskatoon Triathlon Club Director (2015-2016), Vice-President (2016-2017), President (2019-2019), Past-President (2019-2020)                                                             

  • Has completed multiple triathlons, including distances of super sprint, sprint, standard, duathlon and half ironman.

Jordan Anderson

Program coordinator / STAC Liaison

How did you become involved with STCI?
I joined the board to help grow triathlon in the city and make it a growing part of the province’s triathlon scene.
What is your favourite part of a triathlon?
I enjoy triathlon as part of chasing the kids and a few weekend warrior challenges. Gives me something to look forward to every few weekends. Good for the mind and body.


Volunteer Coordinator