About us


Saskatoon Triathlon Club – A fun and active multisport community.


Saskatoon Triathlon Club strives to offer accessible multisport training and quality events for all ages and skill levels.


People Focused Community: We prioritize people and connection.
Acceptance of all Strengths: We acknowledge everyone’s contributions.
Encouragement: We celebrate our victories.
Integrity: We commit to honesty, respect, and fair play.

Executive Members

Nathan Evans


How did you become involved with STCI?
I started out in the swim program so I could learn how to not drown while competing in my first triathlon. From there I competed in a few duathlons and a few more swim sessions. I really enjoy the comradery within the club. The people are amazing! I joined the board to give back to the club and had my arm twisted to volunteer for the Co-President position. I am exited to continue moving the club forward and grow this great sport in our community.
What is your favourite part of a triathlon?
This changes almost weekly. Now that I can swim (sort of), I really enjoy it. I also enjoy a long bike ride if the wind is not too bad (good luck in Saskatchewan). More often than not, my favourite is the run. I love to run. I also like to carbo-load!

Rory Gowda-Sookochoff


How did you become involved with STCI?
My dear friend Leanne invited me to join her in her triathalon-specific
training endeavours. Then when I realized just how kind, supportive, and
encouraging this community is, it led to my foray into the sport!
Initially, a triathlon was completely beyond my comfort zone, and so if
you’re in that boat, I believe in you!
What is your favourite part of a triathlon?
What a tough question to answer; there is so much goodness. I come from a competitive sport background, competing nationally in sprint canoe kayak throughout my adolescence. After that, fitness fell out of my life for some time, and after the intensity and performance competitiveness orientation of my past it was very important to me to find an accepting and kind space for exercise again. Thus, I love that you don’t have to be the fastest to be valued (and genuinely cheered on!) within this sport – all you have to do is show up and do your best.

Board Members

Leanne Kadyschuk


How did you become involved with STCI?
Just Tri-It (JTI) was the origin of my connection to STCI. Kindred women
showing up for their own health is inspiring! Since then I have
participated in numerous triathlon events and am beyond grateful for our
very special club. I hope to play some small role, through being on
this board, to support others to get involved with the awesomeness that
is triathlon.
What is your favourite part of a triathlon?
Fitness is a word that, for me, invites a commitment to balance. A series of good choices in this wild ride of life. Not solely sport but also nutrition, relaxation and positive thinking. Triathlon is an embodiment of balance, harmony in the three events. I love how a long run can be both eased and strengthened by going for a rigorous swim. How the river valley is endlessly breath-taking. The community in STCI is golden, how you will see the same crew at the Sunday swim each week. How you can anticipate those familiar faces on race day cheering you on. I believe triathlon is the ultimate sport because it meets you where you are and invites you to develop yourself towards a healthier, happier you. Hope to see you on the trail!

Maggie Schwab

Member at large

How did you become involved with STCI?
A friend of mine convinced me to join JTI during my undergraduate degree in 2002. I enjoyed it but didn’t stick with it until 2018 when I joined JTI a second time (with my best friend) and subsequently JTI2. This time it stuck and I have been enjoying training and racing ever since.
What is your favourite part of a triathlon?
I love the camaraderie of triathlon, throughout training and also during a race. I also enjoy learning how much and how far I can push myself. I love the feeling of continual self-improvement, both physically and mentally.

Jordan Anderson

Program coordinator / Liaison - Saskatchewan Triathlon Assoc. Corp. (STAC)

How did you become involved with STCI?
I joined the board to help grow triathlon in the city and make it a growing part of the province’s triathlon scene.
What is your favourite part of a triathlon?
I enjoy triathlon as part of chasing the kids and a few weekend warrior challenges. Gives me something to look forward to every few weekends. Good for the mind and body.

Joel Davey

Marketing coordinator

How did you become involved with STCI?
My wife invited me along to the AGM. I like swimming, cycling and trying new things so I thought I would give it a go.
What is your favourite part of a triathlon?
It is socially acceptable to wear spandex while competing in a triathlon 😉

Lacey Schroeder


How did you become involved with STCI?
Peer pressure from my family, especially my two daughters. My husband and daughters had all competed in the sport, so they had been “encouraging” me to join the fun. I began first by learning how to swim, then I entered the Just Tri It race. The following year I decided that I was hooked and joined the Just Tri It training program and I’ve never looked back! It’s now just a lifestyle for our family, you will frequently see us out biking, running or splashing around a pool together.
What is your favourite part of a triathlon?
The finish line camaraderie. I love the encouragement and the sportsmanship that come with this sport. “We are in this together”.