We’ve provided some common and not so common questions about the Just Tri-It Program here. You MUST read this! You will be referred back to this page if you ask questions that are addressed here.

General Questions

Program Info

  • The Just Tri-It Program is a women’s only introduction to the sport of triathlon. The program is open to all ages of adult women (must be 18 years of age or older). Join us for fun & fitness! The program is encouraging and you don’t need to be an “athlete” – just need the courage to JUST TRI-IT! All ages, all shapes, all interests – just bring a positive just tri-it attitude! The eight (8) week long program offers one session per week of each swimming, biking and running as well as an information session. Each session you will be guided by a coach to help you learn what you need to know, to complete your very first triathlon. At the end of the program, each participant will participate in the Makin It Happen race.


Some of the sessions conflict with my ball games on Thursday evenings. Can you change the day or time of the Walk/Run workouts?

  • A lot of planning and co-ordinating goes into setting up the schedule. We had to juggle the availability of space at the YWCA with key coach and volunteer timetables, facilitator availability and duathlon & triathlon event schedules. We think we came up with a pretty good plan. Don’t let 2 days in a row of exercise frighten you – you can work as hard or as easy as you want in the swim, bike or walk/run.
  • The schedule, as posted on the website, is pretty much “etched in stone”. Attend as much as you can. Any changes to the schedule will be posted on the website, and any last minute (same day) changes will be communicated via email.


What do we do if it rains?

  • Unless it is really coming down we will still walk/run and bike in rain. Working out in light rain actually acclimatizes you to possible racing weather as well as and providing good material for “triathlon training adventure stories”.


Where do you change your clothes after you swim in a triathlon and before you get on the bike?

  • WHOA!!! You’re worried about the day of the triathlon?!! Let’s get you walking, swimming and riding, first.
  • Rest assured, we will make sure you are fully prepared for your first triathlon. However, that does not happen overnight and our method is to ‘baby step’ everyone towards that goal. So, please be patient. There is much to learn and we’ll get you there. One step at a time. One piece of new information at a time.
  • You choose the events in which you wish to participate. We can assure you that they are all a lot of fun and you’ll feel like Superwoman for completing any or all of the events.


My friend missed the registration deadline. Can she still register for Just Tri-It?

  • Unfortunately, the program fills up quickly and we will not be in a position to extend the cut off date. For the last two years the program has sold out early – don’t delay!


I don’t want to compete in any of the events, but still want to workout with the group. Is that okay?

  • Sure it is! This program is for intended to help women get out and “tri” something new to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, we’ve heard this question before from women who ended up competing in ALL events – beware, triathlon is addictive!


Are registration fees refundable?

  • Sorry, fees are not refundable unless the program is sold out and there is a waiting list. If you would like to request a refund, please contact a coordinator.


How do I contact the program co-ordinators or volunteers?

  • We will do all of our communication through email, only.
  • Contact Just Tri It Coordinator at jtisaskatoon@gmail.com in the subject line of the email, please indicate what your question is about (swim, bike, run, general or the race) and we can ensure that the email gets to the correct person!


Can I bring my children along to the workouts?

  • We do not have insurance for those who are not in the program and have not signed our waiver of liability.


Can my husband, partner or friend join us for some rides or run/walks?

  • As above.


Can I bring my children along to the information sessions?

  • Once again, Just Tri-It registered women only can attend.


Swim Questions

Where do we swim?

  • All swim sessions are held at the YWCA, at the swim time you choose at the Kick-Off.

Do I have to wear a swim cap and goggles?

  • Absolutely! Have you ever had to clean a pool filter or even a bathroom drain of gobs of hair? It’s gross. Wearing a cap is good pool etiquette – the pool operators will love you for it and your fellow swimmers will appreciate not sucking in a hair when coming up for air during the swim. Swim caps are also mandatory in some triathlons.
  • As far as the goggles go, you need to have clear vision when lane swimming and, unless you are willing to risk the wrath of your fellow swimmers, you need to open your eyes above and below the water. At the Kick-Off event, we will demonstrate how to purchase a pair of goggles that won’t leak – goggles are not a ‘one-size fits all’ item.
  • There will no goggles or caps to loan you, so please come prepared.

Can we use the lockers at the YWCA during the swim?

  • The YWCA has agreed to let the Just Tri-It participants to use the change room for the swim portions, provided everyone is very courteous and do not overrun YWCA members. If you plan to use a locker, please bring a lock: there are no coin operated lockers at the YWCA.

I can’t swim. What will I do if I still can’t swim by the time the Makin It Happen race occurs?

  • No worries. We’ll get you a life jacket, a flutter board, some pool noodles – whatever it takes to get you through the swim portion of the event.


Bike Questions

Do I have to wear a helmet? It really messes up my hair and I look goofy.

  • Yes, you have to wear a helmet on our rides – the rule is “no helmet, no ride”. This is for your own safety. You’ll look goofier with a big hole in your head!

My bike is really, really old. Is that OK?

  • Any bike will do. All we ask is that your bike is in good working order with gears and brakes that work and tires that are properly inflated. If you have any doubts about that, please take it to a bike shop for a tune-up before our first group ride. Our volunteers will not be equipped to perform any sort of bike repair.

Do I need to have reflectors and a bell on my bike?

  • Not mandatory for our rides but if your bike is equipped as such, leave them on. They are good safety features.

I refuse to wear those Spandex bike shorts. I swear you have to have a supermodel body to look good in them!

  • There are no clothing ‘requirements’ for the biking portion, except for the helmet. So, you can wear whatever you are comfortable in. However, please do not laugh and point at those of us whose bodies are far from ‘supermodel perfect’, yet choose to wear the cycling short. We choose comfort over looking good – sit in the saddle of a bike for long enough and you’ll appreciate the comfort benefits of cycling shorts (they’re padded!)

What do I do if I’m riding with a group that is too slow for me?

  • What you DO NOT do is complain about the slow speed – all that will serve to do is make many people uncomfortable. The group paces are set, and will not be altered to accommodate one or two riders. So, complete the ride with this group then, the next week, go with a group that rides a bit faster.

What do I do if I’m riding with a group that is too fast for me?

  • Dig deep, real deep. And next week you can try the group that rides at a more comfortable pace for you!


Walk and Run Questions

I am unable to run – can I still participate in a triathlon?

  • Absolutely! All you have to do is complete the distance, so you can do this by walking, a walk/run combination, running, skipping, shuffling – the possibilities are endless.

How do I know which group to walk or run with?

  • All participants will choose a group based on their ability. The goal is to have all groups progress in running duration each week!

At the moment, I do not run, but would eventually like to get there. Can you help me?

  • Our group workouts on Thursday nights will consist of walking groups of various speeds, groups that walk then run, for different intervals and, finally, groups that run at different speeds. Again, this year, the goal is to have all groups progress each week so that at the end of the program we are running continually!
  • The running part of the program has for example a run (i.e. for 3 minutes) and then walk (as in catch your breathe) (for example 1 minute walk)…this allows you to build your stamina and strength. We’ll guide you easily along!

Do I need to buy new, expensive running shoes?

  • However, to ward off potential injury and aches and pains, we do suggest that your shoes be fairly new and provide plenty of support. Those old Nikes that you’ve had for 4 years and love to kick around in may be ‘oh, so comfortable’ but, we can almost guarantee that they will not provide enough support on longer, quicker walks and runs. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether or not you need to update your running shoes.

How will I stay hydrated if I’m sweating and it’s warm outside?

  • Good question! Hydration is very important to ensure your body performs well and that you feel good. Hydration starts before you ever get out to exercise, so try to drink the prescribed 8 – 10 glasses of water a day. When you are walking or bike riding, bring along a bottle of water to sip.

Should I be drinking a sports drink, like Gatorade?

  • They can really taste good but, unless you are engaging in non-stop vigorous exercise sessions of more than an hour, water is your best choice. If you choose a sports drink, it’s certainly not going to harm you, but you will be consuming extra sugars and calories that your body doesn’t need (and won’t use), unless you are “sweatin’ it up” for more than an hour.



Ready to register? A link to the registration for the current year’s Just Tri-It Program can be found on our events page.