Training Programs

Adult Programs

Swim Program

New this year!

We are improving our Sunday swim program for the benefit of our members!  

  • Top secret special guest coaches to deliver workouts and provide feedback
  • Structured swim program over 9 weeks
  • STCI Club swim towel to all participants
  • More emphasis on providing a social, friendly club atmosphere while improving your technique and endurance
  • Non-profit prices that can’t be beat!

Pricing and location details:

  • 9 week program starts Sunday October 14 and ends December 15
  • Training sessions held Sunday mornings at Harry Bailey
  • Novice / Intermediate / Advanced
    • 90 min swim 8:30 – 10:00
    • Only $60
  • Beginner  
    • 45 min swim 8:30 – 9:15 or 9:15 - 10:00
    • Only $30
  • Don’t forget – all participants will also receive a STCI swim towel!


  • You must come prepared to have fun!
  • Our program is open to STCI club members ages 18+
  • Participants do not need to have completed any previous triathlon training or races 
  • Current membership in STCI and STAC is required*

*If you are not a member of the Saskatoon Triathlon Club (STCI) you must purchase a $20 annual membership to participate. This local club is non-profit and works to provide training and races for all Saskatoon members.

*If you are not a member of the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association (STAC) you must purchase an annual membership to participate. STAC is the Provincial Association that ensures safe, quality events and provides liability insurance to all members during club training and races.

Run Program

From April 2019 onwards STCI and the SSRA are partnering up for the Monday night run with a focused speed workout. A wide range of options is available to accommodate all levels. STCI and SSRA members can participate at no charge. Meet 6pm Mondays at the old Mendal Parking Lot.

Under 18

The Saskatoon Triathlon Club wants your kids to have fun!

We are pleased to provide youth ages 6 to 18 the opportunity to participate in organized instruction and training sessions and to experience the thrill of completing multisport activities and races (i.e. swim, cycle, and run). The three disciplines together create a great cross-training opportunity to provide an overall fitness routine while helping to reduce injuries from repetitive strain when focused on one sport. It also introduces variety compared to a focus on a single sport discipline. This is a benefit regardless of the age of the participant.

In general, there are two youth age bands:

Ages 6 - 12 (Introduction and Fundamental): As promoted by Triathlon Canada and developed by the Canadian Long Term Athlete Development model, this age band is provided activities to introduce the youth to physical activity through a fun, engaging, low-competitive environment. The program is not intended to be training-intensive - it's more about exploring the different sport activities in a fun learning environment. For those interested, it also offers skill improvements to boost personal confidence and achievements when participating in youth events like the Kids of Steel series.

Ages 12 - 18 (Recreational and Competitive): This age band offers two streams within the Junior Team; recreational and competitive. The recreational stream is a continuation of the age 6 - 12 program; to provide an opportunity for physical fitness and personal skill improvement. The competitive stream is for youth that have goals of achieving leading results at local, provincial, and national multisport events. Both streams are in alignment with the Canadian Long Term Athlete Development model.


All program participants must be Saskatoon Triathlon Club (STCI) members. We are your local non-profit triathlon membership club offering all members various benefits such as discounted race entry fees, recreational activities and discounts at local sponsors and retailers. Kids under 18 can join by purchasing a $1 annual membership.!/events/saskatoon-triathlon-club-membership-2019

Kids must also become an annual member of Triathlon Canada and the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation (STAC). STAC is the provincial governing body for triathlon and provides its members insurance for training activities and race events such as the Kids of Steel triathlons. Annual memberships are $21 for kids under 16 and $31 for kids 16-19. Discounted family memberships are also available.!/memberships/triathlon-saskatchewan-2019

Parental Involvement and Volunteering

The Saskatoon Triathlon Club is a volunteer run non-profit member based club that can help facilitate the youth program with coaches that are experts in their specific field. In order to be successful one parent or guardian should act as volunteer liaison to help facilitate this youth program.

STCI Kids Age 6-12 FUNdamentals

Looking for a great way to burn some energy, get better at multiple sports, have some fun, and meet others that want to do the same? Look no further – you’ve found the STCI Kids FUNdamentals Program!

The goal of the FUNdamentals program is to provide an opportunity for youth to participate in a multisport activity to have fun and promote fitness. Because this is a multisport activity cross-training is built-in and participants will gain overall fitness, balance and agility. Kids will also gain confidence by participating in local youth-oriented multisport events.

Both new and experienced youth are welcome to enter our free Learn to Tri clinic(s) and many of our club’s annual races – including:

Wintershines Triathlon (choice of skate / ski / run) in February or March
Spring and Fall Duathlons (run / bike / run events) in May and October
Kids of Steel Triathlon (swim / bike / run) in June
Summer Splash ‘n Dash series (swim / run) held in July, August and September

Our non-profit membership based club prides itself on providing all members of our community with training and race opportunities suited to their level.

STCI Youth Age 12-18 Recreation & Competitive

This program is targeted at youth ages 12 to 18 who want to incorporate swim, bike and run into their physical activity. Program development and oversight will be provided by coaches and clubs that are experts in their fields.

Recreational participants have the objective of general fitness and to be part of a group of junior triathletes with the same goal. Options are available for swim and run sessions, with arrangements to join the recreational cycling group in the spring.

Competitive participants have the objective to excel at triathlon and multi-sport race events. These youth should expect a minimum of two to three swim sessions and two to three run sessions a week, together with a balanced addition of a cycle and strength program. Oversight of an appropriate program combining the correct balance of training in the various triathlon disciplines, together with technique and performance improvements for each, is provided by certified coaches. This stream also offers a path to the provincial team, special in- and out-of-province training clinics, and national race events.​

Local Coaches, Partner Clubs and Programs

Bike Program

The Horizon Cycle Club is partnering with the Saskatoon Triathlon Club, offering its Youth Cycling program for our triathletes. The program provides those aged 10 through 16 an opportunity to build fitness while learning the skill of road cycling. It explores the fundamentals of sport, placing emphasis on continued fun, safety, knowledge, and skill acquisition. The 2019 Horizon youth cycling program will run 6:30 – 8:00pm Thursdays from May 9th through June 27th.

Run Program

The Saskatoon Road Runners Association is committed to providing opportunities for its members, and for the running community, to develop physically and mentally by providing access to training and competition for runners of all ages and abilities. We believe that this will improve personal health and well-being through fitness and social interaction.

Jen Kripki is a well-known coach, certified personal trainer and exceptional athlete in Saskatoon, specializing in the run discipline. Together with the Saskatoon Road Runners Association, Jen will provide run coaching for those age 12-18 on Monday nights from 6-7pm.

Swim Program

Eric Kramer and the Lasers Swim Club are ideally placed to provide superior swim training for our youth. Their unique program can accommodate a wide range of abilities and can provide multiple swim sessions throughout the week. Eric and the Club have an exceptional track record coaching swimmers to record-breaking results.

These qualified instructors and coaches are experts in their field and able to teach proper swim, cycle and run techniques. Athletes may train alongside others specializing in a specific sport, facilitating growth in that discipline. The multi-sport component is overseen by the Triathlon Saskatchewan Provincial Coach Brendan MacKenzie.

Provincial Coach

Brendan Mackenzie oversees the Provincial Coach duties of Triathlon Saskatchewan. His role is to increase the number of coaches across the Province, building youth components in local triathlon Clubs. He is able to assist local coaches to develop triathlon specific training programs for youth that will align with their individual goals and take into account the various competitions and peaks during the triathlon training and race seasons.

Fees and Registration

STCI / SSRA Monday night Run Program

Free with STCI and STAC membership until end of June. Please inform when you plan to start.

First run at 5:45pm at the old Mendal parking lot on Monday 29th April, 2019. All Mondays thereafter will start at 6pm.

STCI / Horizon Youth Cycling Program

$60 plus $40 Sask Cycling Association, if not already held. Please inform when you plan to start.

Please see the link for program details, benefits and registration.!/events/horizon-youth-cycling-program-2019

STCI / Lasers Swim Program

Price is dependent on the number of swim sessions chosen. A STCI member will connect you with the appropriate Lasers contact to get you swimming like a fish! Please contact

The Saskatoon Triathlon Club does not pay coaches or act as an employer of coaches. All training and coaching fees should be directed to the specific coach or program. Should you require clarity please contact


Please contact the STCI Kids Coordinator at


The Saskatoon Triathlon Club Incorporated (STCI) is a community of enthusiastic and engaged people dedicated to the sport of triathlon. We strive to offer members an accessible, integrated approach to triathlon training. We provide clinics and race events for all levels of ability; beginner to elite, while emphasizing safety, sportsmanship and fun.


The Saskatoon Triathlon Club exists to develop a responsible, enthusiastic and dedicated community within the sport of triathlon. STCI strives to grow all membership levels through active participation in training and events with camaraderie, while fostering a sense of personal growth and sportsmanship.