We’ve provided some common and not so common questions about the Just Tri-It Program here. You MUST read this! You will be referred back to this page if you ask questions that are addressed here.

General Questions

Program Info


Some of the sessions conflict with my ball games on Thursday evenings. Can you change the day or time of the Walk/Run workouts?

What do we do if it rains?

Where do you change your clothes after you swim in a triathlon and before you get on the bike?

You choose the events in which you wish to participate. We can assure you that they are all a lot of fun and you’ll feel like Superwoman for completing any or all of the events.

My friend missed the registration deadline. Can she still register for Just Tri-It?

I don’t want to compete in any of the events, but still want to workout with the group. Is that okay?

Are registration fees refundable?

How do I contact the program co-ordinators or volunteers?

Can I bring my children along to the workouts?

Can my husband, partner or friend join us for some rides or run/walks?

Can I bring my children along to the information sessions?

Swim Questions?

Where do we swim?

Do I have to wear a swim cap and goggles?

Can we use the lockers at the YWCA during the swim?

I can’t swim. What will I do if I still can’t swim by the time the Makin It Happen race occurs?

Bike Questions

Do I have to wear a helmet? It really messes up my hair and I look goofy.

My bike is really, really old. Is that OK?

Do I need to have reflectors and a bell on my bike?

I refuse to wear those Spandex bike shorts. I swear you have to have a supermodel body to look good in them!

What do I do if I’m riding with a group that is too slow for me?

What do I do if I’m riding with a group that is too fast for me?

Walk and Run Questions

I am unable to run – can I still participate in a triathlon?

How do I know which group to walk or run with?

At the moment, I do not run, but would eventually like to get there. Can you help me?

Do I need to buy new, expensive running shoes?

How will I stay hydrated if I’m sweating and it’s warm outside?

Should I be drinking a sports drink, like Gatorade?


Ready to register? A link to the registration for the current year's Just Tri-It Program can be found on our events page.