Trailer & Equipment Rental Policy

The Saskatoon Triathlon Club (STCI) will rent out our trailer and equipment depending on availability and at the discretion of the Board.

The cost to rent the trailer and all equipment up to a maximum of 4 days is $500, with $100 charge per additional day. The renter must arrange for transport of the trailer (at least 1/2 ton towing capacity is required, 3/4 ton towing is preferable). A $1,500 damage and inventory control deposit is required.

The inflatable finish/start line arch may be rented for a fee of $75. Other individual pieces of equipment may be available to rent upon request at a fee determined by the Board.

The Club will also lend equipment to certified triathlon coaches affiliated with the club for the purpose of triathlon training.

The Board may also partner with other clubs or events and provide equipment as part of the partnership at no cost.

STCI charges rental fees to protect member’s investment in equipment and to provide for long term replacement of assets.

Please click here to request renting the trailer and equipment.