Just Tri-It (JTI) Saskatoon’s Women Only - Introduction to triathlon training program

Swimming, Biking, Running & FUN!

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This women’s only, 8 week triathlon program runs from March 17 to May 12, 2019.

Are you interested in trying something new and exciting? The Just Tri-It program is a great place to start. It offers training opportunities for women in swimming, biking and running/walking. Here you will find a fun, relaxed and informal group of women, all with the goal to develop a more active and healthy lifestyle. This program is open to adult women (18+ years).

Bring a positive just tri-it attitude and your co-worker, friend, sister, mom, aunt, grandmother! Join us for fun & fitness, while you make great friends! The group is encouraging and you don’t need to be an “athlete” – just need the courage to JUST TRI-IT.

2019 program details, pricing and information

The program includes 8 weeks of SWIMMING, BIKING, information sharing sessions and RUNNING, full access to the YWCA facility, race registration to both the Bridge City Duathlon and the Makin It Happen triathlon. Plus we have great prizes & giveaways to keep everyone motivated! Program value is over $500.

It is important that if you plan to attend to register early! Registration closes March 17th, or when filled. This 8 week program runs from March 17 to May 12, 2019 and includes:

  • 3 sessions per week, one of each swimming, biking, and running
    • Swim - Sunday 35 min at set times between 8:10 am – 10:45 am
    • Bike - Monday 6:30pm - 7:45pm
    • Run/Information Session - Thursday 6:55pm - 8:00pm
  • Kick-off event including ‘swag bag’ to help get you started (Sunday, March 17th at 10am)
  • Entrance fee to the Bridge City Duathlon – single or relay (Saturday, May 4th)
  • Entrance fee to the Makin’ It Happen Triathlon - single (Sunday, May 12th)
  • Full access pass to the YWCA fitness center incl all land and pool classes until May 30th
  • Special discounted shopping nights
  • Weekly speakers, prizes & giveaways to keep everyone motivated!

Registration fees for JUST TRI-IT are as follows:

Early bird pricing - $175

After February 15, 2019 - $200

*Membership with the Saskatoon Triathlon Club (STCI) is required and costs $20 for the year. The Club is non-profit and works to provide training and races for all Saskatoon members. Members receive reduced fees on races and training, discounts at local retailers and many free social and information events throughout the year.

**Membership with the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association (STAC) is required and costs $70 for the year ($55 for Tri-Sask and $15 for Tri-Canada). STAC ensures safe, quality events, funding for local clubs and provides liability insurance for members during training and multi-sport races. Members may participate in multi-sport races in Western Canada under this insurance at no additional cost.

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CCN registration will ask which club you are affiliated with, choose STCI.
Please register for STAC and STCI memberships first. If you don’t you will receive the following message: “THE PROGRAM IS SOLD OUT.” Processing fees will be added at checkout by CCN registration. Your credit card receipt will display charges from “STCIJustTriIt”.

Training Schedule

Sunday, March 17, 2019 from 10:00 – 11:00 am program Kick Off

Scheduled for Sunday morning in the YWCA Gym (510 25th Street East). You will receive your YWCA access card, swag bag (yeah giveaways), register for your Swim and Indoor Spin & Yoga Session, choose a run group, much more. Training events start this same week (see details below).

Sundays (Swimming)

Scheduled for Sunday mornings between 8:10 am and 10:45 am at YWCA pool (510 25th Street East). At the kickoff you will choose a 35 minute training slot. The first swim will be March 24, 2019.

  • On Sunday morning the pool opens at 8:00am
  • Swim Times are as follows:
    • 8:10 – 8:45 (Come with your swimsuit on)
    • 8:50 – 9:25
    • 9:30 – 10:05
    • 10:10 – 10:45
  • Bring:
    • Water bottle, swim cap & goggles. Bathing suit is not optional ;)
    • At your first swim, please let the coaches know how you rate your comfort with swimming. Are you a fish or a guppy? This will help the coaches place you in an appropriate lane. Remember your YWCA pass gets you FREE access to all lane swims during the program if you want extra practice!

Mondays (Biking)

Schedule for biking varies. Most weeks, biking is Monday from 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm at Meewasin Park (all the way down Spadina Crescent up to Pinehouse & Whiteswan Drive – we will be by the washrooms, playcentre)

  • Week 1 - at Breathe Cycle and Yoga Studio (140 - 1804 McOrmond Drive).
    • Time slots to be picked at kick off event (via App)
    • Bring:
      • Water bottle and a hand towel
      • If you have the clip in type of biking shoes you can bring them.
  • Week 2 - at Bike Doctor (623 Main Street)
    • Discuss Bicycle Safety, snacks and enjoying a pricing discount at the till.
  • Week 3 to 8 - at Meewasin Park (BIKING)
    • Helmets MUST be worn.
    • Earphones not allowed.
    • Listen to the volunteers instructions. Volunteers will provide information BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the ride. Tips including, gearing, passing, hills transitioning, & race preparation skills.


There is a group for everyone, it may take a few weeks to find the right group as you self-seed. Your voice is important in our group – we need to know how we are doing and how we can improve. Road bikes are not required - comfort bikes, hybrids, and cruisers are all welcome. All rides are focused on safety.

You may choose to ride in whichever group you feel most comfortable. Feel free to switch groups week to week.

BEGINNER – Uncomfortable riding on the road; new to biking and requires breaks.
This person will need to stop more often (to ensure anyone gets water break, a rest and stays closer together). Someone who has not ridden a bike and may not own a bike, has not been very physically active in a regular exercise routine or hasn’t ridden a bicycle in a very long time. This person is unfamiliar taking one hand of the handlebars and does not change gears; breaks often.
BEGINNER PLUS – Casual pace should be able to ride 15+km/h (a recreational pace) for 30 min
This person does have a small amount of endurance, has ridden a bike recently, either stationary or regular bicycle. May need help on learning gearing, breaking, fit and general bike maintenance. Should be an avid rider (ex: commutes to work). Someone who is interested in a more recreational ride, with planned rest breaks if necessary and with the option of stopping along the way.
INTERMEDIATE – All rounded rider should be able to ride 20+km/h for 1 hour.
This person has a moderate level of fitness, rides a few times a week. Can ride a reasonable distance on a bike at a moderate pace. You should be capable of completing 45 minutes of interval or tempo training by the fifth week of this program. Enjoys riding at an average pace, likes a challenge but not necessarily are interested in race-like training conditions top-end speeds.
ADVANCED – Avid riders should be able ride 25+km/h for 1 hour.
This person has a high level of fitness. Competent at riding varying terrain on the pavement and can climb fairly steep hills without walking their bike. Should like to bike at a competitive pace, training in a race-like environment looking for the challenge to ride at the upper end of their abilities within a group that will push the pace; however, our group rides are not races. Road bike recommended.

Thursdays (Information Sessions & Running)

Scheduled on Thursdays are the Information Sessions and Running sessions

More details regarding the Thursday information sessions and running schedule.

  • The first information session is March 21
  • YWCA Gym doors open at 6:45 pm, come early to meet new people, get tickets for draws and receive updates.
  • Information sessions start at 6:55 pm sharp.
  • Run (includes warm-up, walk/run and cool down) from 7:10 pm – 8:00 pm
    • There will be a walk group(s) depending upon interest and six different run groups ranging from beginner to advanced.
    • Be assured, with 6 different color groups, there will be a group for everyone!
    • The group leaders will set a pace that is comfortable for the majority of their group. If the pace is too slow or too fast please do your best to remain with the group for the remainder of that run. The next week you can move groups accordingly. No one will be left behind!
    • Try to get at least one more run in during the week to help increase your endurance.
    • A good pair of running shoes will help you have a great workout each week. They will prevent unnecessary discomfort and injuries. Check out Brainsport for the best shoes for you. Runners and triathletes work there, and they will give you the best shoes for what your feet need.

Shopping Nights(Optional)

The Bike Doctor - March 25th, 2019 @ 6:30PM

You are invited to join us on the very first night of the program with nothing better than a shopping night with wine and cheese!!! Special discounts will be in place that night, plus you will receive a special discount Bike Tune Up Card from The Bike Doctor to get your bikes tuned and ready for the season. (Bikes must be in good working condition). This will also include a bike fit to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.

Brainsport - April 3, 2019 @ 7:00PM

You are invited to join us for an exclusive shopping night. Special discounts will be in place. So don’t go buy new shoes, bra, running clothes just yet. There will be great discounts, special sale items, awesome staff on-hand AND of course, wine and cheese!

  • Brainsport Bonus Run @ 6 pm (35 – 45 min) followed by come and go shopping 7 – 8:30pm

Race Info

Bridge City Duathlon

Each JTI participant will automatically be entered in the Bridge City Duathlon. You will not need to register online for the race. Saturday, May 4th (more details to follow).

Choice of event (single or relay) and distance:

  • Sprint course distance 1.5km run / 10km bike / 1.5km run
  • Long course distance 3km run / 20km bike / 3km run
  • Relay sprint course distance 1.5km run / 10km bike / 1.5km run
  • Relay long course distance 3km run / 20km bike / 3km run

Makin It Happen

Each JTI participant will automatically be entered in the Makin It Happen Triathlon. You will not need to register online for the race. Sunday, May 12, 2019 at Lakewood Civic Centre (1635 McKercher Drive) at 7 – 11 am. A non-competitive (not timed) event – there are only winners! Photos from previous years can be found here.

Choice of distance:

  • Women’s Only/Just Tri It distance 200m swim, 6km bike, 2km walk/run.
  • Co-ed: 500m swim distance 12km bike, 4km run

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